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Yellow_DogThis is a Doug Strong TPS selection from POOR DOG, a variety created by Tom Wagner as a cross of PIRAMPO (phureja) and KHUCHI AKITA (stenotomum).  Phureja type potato is selected for flavor – but unfortunately has very poor storage, as it tends to re sprout even before harvesting.  Stenotomum type potato has excellent storage.  This cross is an attempt to obtain great flavor with better storage.

Both types are Diploid (24 chromosomes) – we grow Yellow Dog in the EXOTIC batch to promote open pollinated crossings.  This variety produces seed berries profusely, but diploid flowers need diploid pollen, but is unlikely to self pollinate.  It helps to have several diploid varieties grown close by.  Bumble bees will do the job.





Aggie_GoldAggie Gold  Medium-large oval to oblong tubers with yellow skin and flesh. Bred by Tom Wagner who named it probably as a sibling of Aggie Red. The vines produce seed berries.  Very impressive first year production. 4 starting tubers produced 159 oz (one ounce short of 10 pounds0 which is exceptional for one bag production, 87 tubers, mostly mini and above 2 oz, just 2 micro.

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