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A heritage variety, submitted by George Brinson, Carmanville, NL. This variety has been grown in the area, by members of the Brinson family, since 1870. Seems to be the same as Cups – we grow this variety as the Canadian strain to compare with the Brittish strain – in 2010 they will be planted at the same time next to each other to compare (Cup is not growing Tall Vines).

When I first ate a Cup tuber it seemed starchy and falls apart easily, but Black Mignion hold the shape well – still the variety is starchy and dry, with a light earthy flavor, a light hint of chestnut. The skin is thin and keeps a nice color hue after cooking.

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GARNET CHILE, Garnet Chili

Garnet_ChiliMedium-large, irregular round to oval tubers, with unattractive flaky pink-red skin turns and white flesh. Very old variety obtained in 1853 by Rev. Chauncey Godrich (a prot. minister in Utica, NY) from TPS produced on a vine of Rough Purple Chili (a landrace imported from Chile in 1851). Garnet Chili is the great grandma of 90% plus of all currently grown varieties, starting as the parent of Early Rose, and providing genes for Green Mountain, Irish Cobbler, Katahdin, Kennebec, Red Pontiac, Russet Burbank, Yukon Gold and many more.

A variety with rather lower yield .. perhaps only interesting to keep growing for its historical value, or the taste?

GRIN: AV 15 Source: AgriCanada11 Local grower: Curzio

Grown in 2013 in a 14″ Poppy Orange bag, 3 tubers produced 27.5 oz, 13 tubers, of which 6 standard, 3 mini and 4 micro. Flagged for 2014 to start with 4 tubers to test if we can get more mini tubers than standard size.

What’s the best use in the kitchen for this waxy potato? The taste is wonderful: sweet and nutty. The skin is medium thin.