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This strain came from Minnesota (Lee Lee B. Jolliffe) – grown from botanical seed a few years ago – it is believed that the original cross NORDIC OCTOBER x AZUL TORO, made by Tom Wagner is now lost. It features a medium thick skin and the flesh is flaky as found in most blue fleshed.
The name OCTOBER mislead me to think of a late season variety. Tom Wagner first grew it in California in the fall. The vines here in Kenosha were done in July. The male parent AZUL TORO is one of the few blue fleshed tubers that features a more “waxy” flesh, cooks firmer.



BLACK MIGNION TPS 2014-1 -3 -4 … three seedlings grown from botanical seed last year .. see how different!
The yield per bag were in ounces: 36 – 59 – 45

Each variety was grown in am 18″ dia. growing bag (container) to produce the yields stated above.

It will take years to determine if this open pollinated variety is worth saving for future generations.  We are entering this variety at this time to show how TPS (botanical seed) seedlings may develop very different tubers.  In 2014 we started 5 seeds harvested from a BLACK MIGNION VINE several years ago.

Only three of the five seedlings survived transplanting and produced tubers.  See the picture of the first micro tubers harvested in 2014 for strain -3 vs -4 – you could already see the difference then … but once replanted in 2015 the differences became even more evident.

Also interesting feature to observe in the future:  strain 2014-4 grows very vigorous vines which could display strong resistance to Late Blight.  Of the three strains the last (-04) has the most interesting flavor, as it cooks less flaky, with a strong nutty taste.

More pictures:
Black_MignonTPS14-3vs4 Black_MignonTPS2014-3 Black_MignonTPS2014-4



Caribe_SportCaribe Sport – believed to be a sport of CARIBE (a variety developed by AgriCanada) this plant grows tall vines and features oblong tubers with a flat shape. The skin is medium thick and the flesh cooks dry and flaky with a mild taste, nutty edge. The skin colors are white with a purple striking circle, while the flesh is cream.

More pictures:


PI 473276


PI 473276

Small round tubers with dark burgundy blue skin and yellow flesh. The vine growth is consistent with South American landraces, probably a diploid, S. andigenum or S. tuberosum ssp andigenum. Tom Wagner posted on Kenosha Potato Project Facebook page: ‘I was playing around with seedlings, including PI 473276 in 2011  and other Facebook group members recognized the picture posted’. This vine may need an extra long growing season to tuberize larger spuds. The vine develops long stolons and sets tubers high and serial.