AEGGEBLOM, aka Aeggeblomme

AeggeblomMedium, round – oval tubers with light yellow skin and flesh. An old variety from Sweden.
Source: ME BO W08 Local grower: Curzio

Grown for several years in bags turns out to be one of the most consistent producers. Tested in 2014 as part of my Extra Early batch, with planting one month early protected by plastic. Two bags with each 3 vs 5 starting seed produced 40 vs 37 oz each, which may prove that this variety does not increase yields with seed crowding. Flagged for 2015 with 3 vs 4 starting seed.

What’s the best use in the kitchen for this waxy variety? We have tasted this potato and found it firm with a nice nutty aftertaste. The skin is medium-thin.