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A red flesh and red skinned variety offered by years ago (ex-Ronniger), a cross of FRENCH FINGERLING x RED GOLD by Verlin Rockey. We have received donated by Joseph-lee Morehouse. My very initial 2016 harvest report looks terrible. Most containers harvested have been at or below half of usual. This one came in at 38oz .. The highest so far – so perhaps not bad!

The red flesh fades a little after cooking. The texture is very flaky and the flavor mediocre too poor. It features a medium thin skin.
It would NOT be a keeper, except for the higher antioxidants levels and the decent yield.
Probably best tasting pan fried than boiled!



The eluding look of Papas Nativas is achieved only at very high altitudes in the Andes above 13000 feet (4000 meter above sea level).  In the Peruvian Altiplano language a group of potato cultivars are called LLUMCHUY WAQACHI, which roughly translates to  “Makes your Daughter-in-Law Cry” – which hints on how difficult peeling would be!

It is extremely difficult to get the traditional high altitude varieties to adapt to the long days summers of North America and Europe.  This botanical seed variety, a seedling of Tom Wagner’s RED OX develops the same NATIVA look at low altitude and North American latitudes.


Candy_CaneCandy Cane is a variety with wild potato background developed by Hielke DeJong at AgriCanada.  Hielke posted on our Facebook Group page:  Candy Cane was never released as a variety nor was it ever considered for release (at least not by me). A couple of decades ago I sent several of my diploid selections to Dr. Robert Coffin who at that time was the potato breeder at the University of Guelph. Robert just casually put the name Candy Cane on it. It was never evaluated for disease resistance.

The tuber is oblong with red skin and red colored flesh. It features a thin slightly bitter skin and the flesh cooks starchy.  It will fall apart if cooked too long. We recommend to pan fry cut in circles to show off the great flesh colors.

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