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More than 100 day vine life


Lump_DoroA variety selected by Wendy Montanez from Tom Wagner’s TPS, a cross of NORDIC LUMPER x OP.  Wendy tells me: All my TPS are Open pollinated! I can only say that this offspring is from Lumper Nordic. I suspect the male donor to be Skagit Valley Gold. After consulting with Tom he told me that Lumper Nordic, he though that had Lumper and Nordic October as parents, and since I was reporting yellow flesh I concluded that my assumption had some validity. The tuber features are flattened round with smooth pink skin and yellow flesh, as shown in that picture it has a depressed area on the eyes, it’s susceptible to scab, flowers pink/mauve, tall plant, sends lots of secondary stems, potatoes does not mature all at once, fast cook times.

The tubers store very well.


BelrusBelRus is a medium – large oblong tubers, heavily russeted dark skin, shallow eyes bonded by smooth white skin, dense flesh. Very early maturity for a Russet. Resistant to disease. Features shallow root system. This variety was bred by USDA/Beltsville, MD from Penobscot x W 39-1, released 1978. Starchy potato variety, excellent for baking and frying.

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Aggie_GoldAggie Gold  Medium-large oval to oblong tubers with yellow skin and flesh. Bred by Tom Wagner who named it probably as a sibling of Aggie Red. The vines produce seed berries.  Very impressive first year production. 4 starting tubers produced 159 oz (one ounce short of 10 pounds0 which is exceptional for one bag production, 87 tubers, mostly mini and above 2 oz, just 2 micro.

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GARNET CHILE, Garnet Chili

Garnet_ChiliMedium-large, irregular round to oval tubers, with unattractive flaky pink-red skin turns and white flesh. Very old variety obtained in 1853 by Rev. Chauncey Godrich (a prot. minister in Utica, NY) from TPS produced on a vine of Rough Purple Chili (a landrace imported from Chile in 1851). Garnet Chili is the great grandma of 90% plus of all currently grown varieties, starting as the parent of Early Rose, and providing genes for Green Mountain, Irish Cobbler, Katahdin, Kennebec, Red Pontiac, Russet Burbank, Yukon Gold and many more.

A variety with rather lower yield .. perhaps only interesting to keep growing for its historical value, or the taste?

GRIN: AV 15 Source: AgriCanada11 Local grower: Curzio

Grown in 2013 in a 14″ Poppy Orange bag, 3 tubers produced 27.5 oz, 13 tubers, of which 6 standard, 3 mini and 4 micro. Flagged for 2014 to start with 4 tubers to test if we can get more mini tubers than standard size.

What’s the best use in the kitchen for this waxy potato? The taste is wonderful: sweet and nutty. The skin is medium thin.

AEGGEBLOM, aka Aeggeblomme

AeggeblomMedium, round – oval tubers with light yellow skin and flesh. An old variety from Sweden.
Source: ME BO W08 Local grower: Curzio

Grown for several years in bags turns out to be one of the most consistent producers. Tested in 2014 as part of my Extra Early batch, with planting one month early protected by plastic. Two bags with each 3 vs 5 starting seed produced 40 vs 37 oz each, which may prove that this variety does not increase yields with seed crowding. Flagged for 2015 with 3 vs 4 starting seed.

What’s the best use in the kitchen for this waxy variety? We have tasted this potato and found it firm with a nice nutty aftertaste. The skin is medium-thin.